About us

She responds to Tuesday, Tuesy or K-Lo. She is a primary curriculum development manager for an organization that provides a international curriculum framework to many schools around the world. Before this job, she taught primary/elementary and high school in Manila and London. She dabbles in many things including cooking, digital photography, sewing, volunteering, social media-ing… She was an ex-vegetarian then an ex-pescetarian and now consumes meat. Her website is kirstenloza.com

He is Dan. Dan is a senior lecturer on film but he is currently on research leave to write about puppets. He will cook anything that is considered edible except mushrooms. He blogs at Spectacular Attractions.

Dan and Tuesday moved from the UK to The Hague, Netherlands in May 2011. They are expecting their first baby in October 2011.


13 comments on “About us

  1. Oh hello dear blog friend from another blog 🙂 Happy new year and thanks for visiting my ‘other’ home on the inter-web!

  2. Hi Tuesday !

    This website looks great! I have never been able to sustain a blog myself, this is inspiring though.

    Miss you na!

  3. Hey Ms. Tuesday! It’s your former student from St. Scho. Just wanted you to know that I bookmarked your blog for, ahem, future attempts at domestication. 😉

    — Marga/Monica

  4. Hi Dan and Tuesday,
    I am trying to find a recipe for a cake that is in the Magimix cook book. I was in John Lewis and the demonstrator had made it and I tasted it….lovely!
    It has lemon, orange, almonds, breadcrumbs and oil in it.Can you help?

  5. Dear Tuesday and Dan,

    http://www.myfilipinokitchen.com/ wants to be your friend. And because he is too eager, there is already a link of your site in his. He also beseeches thee to leave comments on his poorly worded blog like this comment.

    Sorry, the Kitchen cooks land animals. Dan is welcome there anytime though.

  6. Hey, Ziggy,

    We’ll put you on our blogroll, too! We’ve neglected this blog a bit and it looks like a little lick of paint! We very much like your template!

    Tuesday and Dan

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