Fresh strawberries in June

Fresh strawberries in June

Strawberries, from now on, will always remind me of British summers. But you know they also have always ALWAYS evoke memories of family trips to Baguio City. For my brothers and me, Baguio is like another country. It’s a city in the mountain AND it’s cold(-er than the rest of the Philippines) AND pine trees grow!

We never go home from Baguio without at least a punnet of fresh strawberrries, and several jars of strawberry jam from Good Shepherd. Strawberry jam on hot pan de sal is absolutely divine.

The Baguio of today is no longer the same as the one I remember as a child. I visited more than 5 years ago. It is so much busier and the air no longer smells of pine trees. But the strawberries! Oh, they are still there. As sweet as I remember them 🙂

Chopped strawberries

Chopped strawberries

This evening I made Eton Mess for a dear colleague who is leaving for Switzerland. I thought it is a fitting dessert to remind her of the UK. Plus it is the easiest dessert to put together, unless you want to make your own meringue.

More chopped strawberries

More chopped strawberries

I didn’t and instead bought meringue nests from M&S. Listen, even Delia cheats! Strawberries are in season so best to choose home-grown strawberries.

Chop the strawberries – it doesn’t have to be evenly chopped. In fact, I learned a new word today: macerate. Yes, macerate your strawberries. Put them in a bowl or any container and sprinkle a little sugar, then put them away.

You also need some whipping cream. Sandy suggested mixing the cream with yoghurt – an idea I loved because I can never find enough excuse to use Greek yoghurt.

To assemble: break the meringue into a bowl, add the cream and then strawberries. That’s it!

For a little jazzy (and probably a proper one), you can make a strawberry purée to drizzle on your Eton Mess. Or spice it up with some sherry.

Dan and I only had a little bowl each

Dan and I only had a little bowl each


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