February 2009

Daisy the cat © Tuesday

Daisy the cat © Tuesday

Hello readers – all two of you – oh, wait, that’s just Dan and Tuesy reading this blog.

So, Dan and Tuesy have at least 5 recipes waiting to be posted. It’s all typed but no photos yet. The photos are still waiting to go up on flickr but things do get in the way. Dan is busy with his own blog at Spectacular Attraction plus his own teaching and making Tuesy happy. Tuesy is busy with her work and evening activities- Spanish on Mondays, choir on Tuesdays and intro to photography class on Wednesdays. That leaves Thursdays to catch up on other things like friends and learning web 2.0 stuff.

Weekends are Dan and Tuesy’s time to see their friends and the world. Well, not exactly the world – Devon and Wales really.

The last two weeks involve a trip to Haytor, movie marathon, dinner guests, visiting old friends, and Mad Men and 30 Rock marathon.

The recipes will have to wait until March 2009.


2 comments on “February 2009

  1. It’s a lovely cat though not mine. I wish I can have a cat or a dog but I am so busy at the moment that they’ll just feel so neglected. You have a nice site, too!

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