Pasta Pesto

I’m really pressed for time. I’ve so much work to do I barely have time to whine about it. But I’m still managing to blog. Some things are still important, and it’s a good way to focus the mind and arrange the swirling thoughts into some kind of comprehensible pattern. And I’ve been pressed into blogging on this by the water-cress pesto that Tuesy has sent me. I urge her to post the recipe so that you, dear reader, can make pesto for yourself. She’s done the real work (and presumably she got chance to use her new food processor): I just want to show you the lovely dinner I made with the pesto.
All it took was a few slices of halloumi, that king of cheeses (shallow-fry it in a little olive oil, or grill it), rocket and cherry tomatoes. Oh, and pasta, of course. I’ve used tagliatelli, but only because the fuselli in my cupboard looks a bit old. If I had any penne in stock, I’d have used that.
Dead easy, and generous in its delivery of deliciousness. So, dear reader (and I hope the use of the singular form of “reader” is not too close to the truth), pester Tuesy with your requests for the pesto recipe, so that you too can pep up your pasty pasta.

2 comments on “Pasta Pesto

  1. Go Tuesy! 🙂

    That dinner looks great! I love halloumi cheese. I made another batch of watercress pesto the other day as I have inadvertently given it away without really trying it. I mean sure, I had a bit of it in the sandwich you made last Saturday for our picnic at Lyme Regis but I was hoping more for this kind of feast when I gave you that pesto :-p

    I will post that recipe tomorrow. Tonight, I am thinking about whether to merge this with my other blog.. deciding… deciding…

  2. BTW, I also made a watercress pesto dinner with spaghetti. I added a white crab meat which I cooked first in olive oil, red chili and garlic. I made it for you before. It was yummy but I was too hungry to stop and take photos.

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